Exposed Vegan Media Podcast

Podcast Episode 3

April 19, 2024

Episode 3: IRONMAN 70.3 Texas Recap – It’s all in your head!

In this episode Zsa-Zsa, Khadijah and Cameron share their IRONMAN 70.3 Texas experience. As a first time 70.3 athlete and experienced athlete, they share their journey traveling to the race venue and how they felt during each discipline. Both athletes have unique stories about their why leaving you inspired and ready to race.








Podcast Episode 2

April 3, 2024

BGM goes mountain hopping

In this episode Zsa-Zsa and Annette accept Ariel’s invitation to tour Pilot Mountain and learn bike handling skills. Listen in on how Ariel prepared for the ride and Zsa-Zsa & Annette’s journey through this experience.  Zsa-Zsa and Annette go into intimate details about their mental state, perseverance and what they learned.  Watch or listen in for details.








Podcast Episode 1

March 20, 2024

BGM takes over IRONMAN Puerto Rico 70.3

In this episode Zsa-Zsa, Jamie and Annette share their triathlon experience preparing for IRONMAN Puerto Rico 70.3. They go into intimate details of race week and race day preparations. Listen to their  swim, bike, run and nutrition experience and what they loved about Puerto Rico’s food and accommodations. Watch or listen in for details.