About The Exposed Vegan

Zsa-Zsa Porter is a passionate entrepreneur, community organizer, author and triathlete who is on a unique mission to expose the myths about transitioning to a healthily lifestyle.

Zsa-Zsa is an African American female IRONMAN triathlete determined to make an impact on her community by serving healthy options. She’s well aware of the stereotypes and barriers she has to break through to make it to the finish line. But she understands HEALTH IS WEALTH and is willing to help those in need of a lifestyle change. Zsa-Zsa’s proven that a well-planned vegan diet can fuel the highest performance levels of fitness while reducing risks of injury and chronic diseases. Zsa-Zsa also serves as a Black Girls Run Ambassador encouraging and motivating women of color to practice a healthy lifestyle.

As a restaurateur, she owns Exposed Vegan, a West Charlotte hot spot and food truck that serves fresh nourishing plant based cuisine. Zsa-Zsa is also a digital executive who leveraged her in depth customer experience expertise and technology background to make her dreams come true by opening Exposed Vegan. She is thrilled to be a key health advocate whose committed to creating a healthy community.

Zsa-Zsa is a happily married mother of three children and a proud military spouse. She understands firsthand the importance of balancing family, work and health. Zsa-Zsa’s figured out how to make a healthy lifestyle fun and wants to share her fresh recipe for success with you.


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