Nikkis’s Story

For years I played around with a Vegetarian lifestyle (I love cheese, eggs and dairy) not to mention Pescatarian food (fried fish, Salmon, and Sushi).  90 percent of my diet was plant based but there was always those rare occasions where I wanted fried fish, sushi or eggs.  When I started training for my first Ironman I went back to eating meat, mostly chicken and ground turkey. I just didn’t have time to educate myself on Vegan Protein.  I needed something fulfilling and quick. 

Over the past 2 years I started to notice changes in my body, my energy and mental awareness.  After having several tests done, my doctor informed me that I was pre-diabetic and pre-menopausal.  Whoever said “age ain’t nothing but a number” is either male or never experienced menopause.  I challenged myself to beat the pre-diabetes and educate myself on menopause by joining a diabetes support group and menopause support group.  I dislike taking medicine, always have.  I feel that eating from earth is natures cure.  Growing up, I never heard people talk so many diseases that are spoken of today.  Menopause took a toll on my body, energy and mind.  I made a decision to control what I could which is what I put inside of my body.  I can’t control menopause but I can be EXTRA KIND to my body by replacing crap and educating myself on healthy vegan options.  

Though it is a daily struggle, it is becoming second nature.  I love salads and fruit.  You will notice most of what I eat  outside of taco Tuesday can be placed in a bowl.  I am definitely not a fan of canned foods but hate to cook beans so they must come from a can.  My favorite Vegan dish is Tacos.  

Fun Facts About Me:  I have 3 adult out of the house kids and one grandchild. I completed an Ironman. I love plants and the energy they bring to my home.