Zsa-Zsa’s Story

I was raised by a single Mom who worked hard to put food on the table and keep me active. I was always taught to eat my vegetables and physical fitness was always a way of life. 

I am a military wife and mother of 3. A few years ago I noticed I was looking really heavy on our Christmas card photo and my energy level was always low. I joined BGR Charlotte, a local running group and started running with them a few times a week. About a year later, I started feeling knee pain. For some context, when I was 17 years old I broke both of my legs which resulted with a pin in my left knee or pole in my right leg. After running with BGR for several months I thought my knee pain was due to my previous surgery. So fast forward, after a visit to the doctor he said I have severe arthritis and my knee was heavily inflamed. It was at that point I had to make a decision to either take medication, have knee surgery OR change my diet and keep my weight down by working out consistently. 

Through research, I’ve learned so much about nutrition, cooking and how to improve my diet. I’ve been inspired by triathletes to train for triathlons and through this journey I discovered the importance of nutrition. I learned a well-planned vegan diet can fuel the highest performance levels of fitness while reducing risks of injury and chronic diseases. 

I’ve watched so many family members and friends suffer and struggle with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. I decided I needed to do better with my health so I’m around for my children and can travel the world with my husband.

I now work hard to make sure my family is well nourished and eat colorful, wholesome meals. I am on a personal mission to expose every myth about becoming vegan and I plan to share my story and vegan lifestyle to help improve the health and wellness of others.